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Title:  Something Witchy This Way Comes
Author:  Veronica Blade
Publisher:  Crush Publishing
Available:  Now
Source:  From Publisher on behalf of PUYB Tours

Genre:  YA Romantic Paranormal
Rating:  PG13

About the Book:

Brainiac Tessa McClean’s newly discovered magical powers give her hope of an escape from her inadequate life. But the thrill of being a witch fades when she learns of a rival coven and begins to suspect her own coven’s objective. Evidence tells Tessa to trust one side, but instinct drives her toward the other.

When Hayden Anders, the most delinquent kid in school — and the toughest — offers self-defense lessons in exchange for tutoring, the timing couldn’t be better. Though the idea of hanging out with a bad-boy thattempting is unnerving, staying alive amidst warring witches takes priority. She vows to hold onto her values and not surrender to the bad-boy she begins to secretly want.
Together, Tessa and Hayden uncover the truth about the two factions — a truth that explains why the covens will stop at nothing to lure her to their side. Tessa has only a matter of weeks to form an alliance with one coven or the other, but the wrong decision could cost Tessa the lives of all those she loves — including Hayden.

My Take:
This is a sweet romance with some paranormal activity thrown in!  But...I didn't say I didn't like it!  It was the age old nice girl falling for the bad boy..but the bad boy maybe isn't all that bad!  It was a very easy and fast read and I really liked the alternating narratives between the love interests. 
While there was a lot of action at times, the paranormal aspects seemed to take a backseat to the romance and the day to day problems more than the witch story.  Not a bad thing, unless you really just wanna read about weird stuff!  The witch story was what made me stick with the book...I had to find out why the coven disagreed and why they both wanted her.   I did like this book and I think there might be more books coming along this line...but the ending didn't give away any hints about that!
There is a bit of sex talk and underage drinking so probably more for the upper teen age.  

About the Author:
Veronica Blade is married with children and living in Southern California. By day she runs the family business, but each night she slips away to spin her tales. She writes stories about young adults to relive her own childhood and to live vicariously through her characters. Except her heroes and heroines lead far more interesting lives — and they are always way hotter.

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I was given a copy of this book for review.  No other compensation was given and I was not required to give a good review.

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