My Review Policy

Good Family Reads
Review Policy
I can review all family friendly genres and post to my blog and
GoodReads and Amazon if you wish.
If you hadn't heard from me in over 30 days, please contact me again
because I may have overlooked your book or spam ate has happened
many times lately!
My reviews consist of:
Book information
Book Blurb (either mine or publisher blurb)
My review (usually a short paragraph detailing why I liked it.
Author info...if you don't let me
know what you would like me to add here, I usually find
your website or goodreads site and use that.
Where to buy (I am not an affliate of anywhere so I just
grab what I can find..if you have a particular site to buy
your book..please include it)
I am more than open to including guest blogs or interviews or
contests.. Just let me know.
Contact me at: