The books I review are from a myriad of places, from review copies, gifts, bought or from the library.  I always put in the top of the review under Source where they book came from.  
I don't get paid to review books not do I get money if you were to purchase a book through an Amazon Link... 
All of my reviews are my own personal opinions and totally honest and I will actually have read the book in question.  That being said...the opinions are mine and I don't expect everyone to agree with me nor would it be a fun world to live in!  Again..I don't get paid other than getting the actual book to read now and then and they do not require a positive review just an honest one!
If I do review an ARC and it hasn't been put in a giveaway and you are interested...contact me via goodfamilyreads@gmail.com and maybe we can work out a trade!  I read everything obviously!  

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