Monday, November 21, 2011


Title: Shadows from the Past
Author:  Ashley Dawn
Publisher: Suspense Publishing
Available:  now
Source:  Lightning Book Promotions

Genre:  Christian Suspense

About the Book:
Aurora Kavvan watched in horror as her only remaining family member met his untimely death. With that one incident she shut everything and everyone out of her life, including God and focused solely on her job as a LAPD officer and her hunt for the killer.  When her long term partner is shot, she once again turns the blame on herself.  Jordan, her ex-fiance comes back in the picture to not only protect her but also to help her find her way back to God and possibly to him.

My take:
This was a good romantic crime novel.  I really liked the interaction between the characters and while I found part of the romance a bit long winded for those who love romance it will be a great fit!  There was quite a bit of action to go along with the romance, but not at every turn of the page as some suspense novels.  The action was very well written and I found myself caught up in the story and not being able to put the book down during those scenes.  I enjoyed meeting these characters and sharing their love of God and watching Aurora try to find her way back to God after pushing him away for so long.  There were a lot of secondary characters that I'm sure we will be hearing more from.  I believe the next two books in the series are already out and I'll be looking for them to find out more about Aurora, Jordan and the rest of the gang! 

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 About the author:
She a mom of two little ones and makes her home in Texas where she is hard at work on more wonderful novels for us to devour!  She is also a fellow book reviewer and blogger whom I have followed for quite some time without realizing who I was following!  You can find out more about her on her author website or follow her book reviews on Ashley's Bookshelf

Recommendation:  If you like a romantic read with action pick it up today!

I was given a copy of this book as part of the blog tour for an honest review. 

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