Saturday, January 14, 2012


Title:  Time Gangsters
Author:  Berin Stephens
Publisher:  Cedar Fort
Available:  2/8/2012
Source:  Publisher via NetGalley

Pages:  296
Genre:  Middle Grade Fantasy
Rating:  G

About the Book:
When Billy discovers a hidden cache of ancient coins, it isn't long before a gang of thugs swipes them right from under Billy. Plotting to use the magical properties of the coins to seize power in the past, these power-hungry gangsters will do anything to reach their goal. Their future threatened, Billy and Danny must race through time to steal back the coins---before history is changed forever! 
My Take:
Oh my...Oh my... This book will keep a smile on  your face the whole time you are reading it.  What a fun ride it was!  While I don't condone the fact the kids kept such a big secret from their parents...this book would be a great addition to the middle grade library.  The time travel with an Egyptian Flair back to the roaring 20's is a fun, complete with those corny phrases (doll face, etc)  thrilling adventure sure to keep any picky reader's interest.  While there was some mayhem, it's not graphic and mostly it's bone crunches and hearing the bullets fly from the Tommy Guns (it is the 20's). It was a really quick read for me, I read it in an afternoon.  From the first 'gangster' showing up during the night to the blaze of bullets and gold coins (medallions) moving from hand to hand, there is no shortage of suspense to keep the story going.  
Put it on Auto-Buy!  This Middle Grade book is great for the 9-12 year old crowd (yeah...well...probably the older crowd too) 
I did just find that one of the other blog hosts is giving an e-copy of this book go over to Dianna's Amazing Book Adventures to enter!  Tell her I sent you!
About the Author:
Berin Stephens was born in Anchorage, Alaska and grew up in Chugiak. He holds a masters degree in music performance and pedagogy and teaches saxophone and clarinet lessons privately and at Utah Valley University. He currently lives in Orem, Utah with his wife and five children. For more information, you can visit his website, blog or Facebook.
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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your help at getting the word out about it.