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Title:  Prophecy of the Flame
Author:  Lynn Hardy
Source: Author via Lightning Book Promotions
Available:  Now

Series:  Prophecy of the Flame (1)

About the Book:
In a blinding flash of light, five nondescript strangers are yanked from this world and thrust into a land of sorcery. Transformed into the characters they were pretending to be; Archmage Reba, Jamison the healer, Jerik the dwarf, Charles the prince charming, and Allinon the druid elf blend twentieth century technology with the supernatural powers of this new world. 

This band of wannabe heroes soon discovers that having the powers you have always dreamed of, does not make life a dream come true. The Crusaders of the Light struggle to form a cohesive band as they fight to liberate the kingdom of Cuthburan from the evil horde threatening humanity. 

For those who believe the struggle of love adds a greater depth to any story, the romantic thread in Book One is explored in greater depth in this version. 

Battle is also waged within Reba, an ordinary housewife who has become the most powerful mage on the planet, as she struggles to remain true to her wedding vows. Drawn against her will to the arms of Prince Alexandros, Reba must choose between the prophesied marriage to a handsome prince in a magical world or returning to the husband she left behind.

My Take:
It's a worry of every gamer's partner in the real world.  That some day, their partner will just up and disappear into the game!  (wait...that's my I assume that's everyone who's SO plays constantly)  It is another new take on the fantasy/sci fi genre.  It took me awhile to get into the book, but it kept my interest throughout the story.  There were some really neat characters complete with flaws.  This is a great book for those who always want to live in the game and see how things are really different!  There is a lot of action to keep the story going and keep you involved in the book!  I really liked the way that Reba handled herself during her struggles.  It's worth a look, but don't blame me if you have to pick up book #2!  

This book is currently being made into a film by an independent movie company and Lynn is donating the proceeds of her book to a charity she has founded called Agape Assistance.

To find more reviews and more from the author visit the tour page to see where it will go next.

About the Author:
Lynn Hardy's first novel in the Prophecy of the Flame series - Book One - became a #1 Amazon Kindle in two categories in October of 2011. This has propelled her into action. The decision to create Resilient Publishing, was not taken lightly. Small press novels have a reputation as being substandard work. Lynn hopes to defy this labeling by investing in two important steps. She consulted with a cover designer from Tor to create a more market friendly design. Lynn also hired Andrea Howe, an editor who worked with one of the countries leading publishers, Wizards of the Coast. 

The road has been longer and more complicated than she would have ever guessed--not always smooth, but filled with wonderful surprises. Like most stories, Lynn is sure that her journey has only just begun.  You can find her at Facebook.

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