Monday, January 9, 2012


Title: Questions in the Silence
Author: Karen Glick
Publisher: CreateSpace
Available: Now
Source: Author via PUYB

Pages:  338
Genre:  Religious Paranormal
Rating:  Adult

About the Book:
Ari Rothman, born with psychic abilities, has a lifelong fascination with spiritual issues. Childhood visions and intuitions combine to make her a bit of an outsider in her peer group and she turns to religion to create meaning in her life.
Ari’s childhood experiences and her strong desire to help others make her a natural psychotherapist. However, the conflict between her intuitive abilities and a more rational approach to the human psyche intensifies when her first long-term client ends his sessions unexpectedly.

My Take:
I believe this is the first book published by Ms. Glick.  It's a great first start.  There are a few minor things that bothered me while reading, but mostly it's just a matter of preference.  There was a lot of head bopping at first, but it calmed down considerable after the first few chapters.   I wasn't  quite expecting all of the Jewish references, but found myself learning so much during the reading of this book.  We were led by the hand during the first part of the book, but that wasn't the case toward the end and I actually found myself wanting more hand holding and letting me in on things that I had no clue about.  There is a lot of thought in this book, not only from the characters, but from the reader themselves.  It's rare to see someone grow up right in front of you, but Ari does in Questions.  It was really interesting to see the changes that happen over years, happen in hours instead.  It wasn't a quick read, I really had to watch what was happening to stay with the story, but really enjoyed the plot and hope to be reading more from Ms. Glick soon!

A good read for those who like a book that has a lot of substance to it!  Keep an eye out for this author...she has a great start!

About the Author:
Karen Glick lives outside of Philadelphia. She is a clinical psychologist whose other interests include writing, painting, and acting. When not feverishly engaged in these pursuits, she enjoys spending time with her four children, husband, cavalier king charles spaniels and cats.

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