Friday, January 27, 2012


Title: CardSharp
Author: Paul Oliver Westmoreland
Publisher: Self-published
Available:  Now
Source:  Author
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Genre:  Middle Grade Thriller
Series: Vincent War, (BK 1)
Rating:  PG

About the Book:
Burning houses. Daring robbers. Motorway chases. Exploding boats. Flying daggers. Brutal policemen. Ruthless pirates. Beautiful women. Deadly bullets. Racing hearts. International Criminals. Narrow escapes. Tricks, stings and electrocutions. And a priceless painting by one of art’s world’s most notorious masters.
Welcome to the adventures of Vincent Ward, where getting through each day alive just isn’t enough.
 My Take:
Nonstop action with a touch of artistry?  This was a good first start for a first book of an action packed series, and great for the middle grade child who has a flair for the dramatic!  I really liked the fact that some actual history was included that we don't often get besides the Magic Tree House Series.  I really don't know much about art history so I really enjoyed learning more about Caravaggio, it wasn't in your face history, so I think most kids will read it as part of the story and not as an actual history lesson.  There is some violence, thus the PG rating.  I found it very entertaining and I'm sure it will soon find it's place among other popular middle grade literature!

Young and old will find excitement in this novel, you can pick it up from Amazon for only $.99 right now!

About the Author:
Paul Oliver Westmoreland (POW) lives in North London and works for a digital advertising agency. He is hard at work on his second novel in this adventure!  His goal is to leave you with the want for more.  You can visit POW at

I was given a copy of this book for review purposes.  

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