Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Title: Sea Turtle Summer
Author: Nancy Stewart
Illustrator:  Samantha Bell
Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing
Source:  Author via PUYB
Available: now

Genre:  Children's Picture Book
Rating:  G
Pages:  24
Series:  Bella and Britt

About the Book:

Bella and Britt think living by the beach is the coolest thing ever.  When they discover a Loggerhead Sea Turtle laying her eggs in broad daylight, the girls go into action to help. 
No one, though, seems to care about the nest.  The beach is a busy place and is getting busier by the minute on such a beautiful summer day.  What can they do?  Who will help, and what do they learn about themselves? 
As a bonus, Sea Turtle Summer contains kid appealing facts about sea turtles.
My Take:
This is a definite must read for all animal lovers and especially those who love turtles and other endangered animals.  Not only does it show kids how to have compassion for all living creatures, but how to find help from adults to achieve the goals (although sometimes adults take longer than they would like).  The fact filled sheet at the end of the book will also help those who are doing research on sea turtles for school or just for fun.  The pictures are bright and sure to keep younger children engaged in the story and able to tell the story on their own.  I hope that many more books are added to this series, and I will be looking for the other ones to share with my own kids as well as family and friends.  (we love animals)
Go buy it now to share with the little ones in your life and then go help an animal with them!

About the Author:
After having been both an elementary school teacher, a university professor of education and a consultant for New Options, Inc. in New York City, Nancy Stewart writes children’s books full time.   She, her husband and three sons, lived in London for eight years, where she was a consultant to several universities, including Cambridge. 
 Her travels take her extensively throughout the world, most particularly Africa. Nancy is US chair of a charity in Lamu, Kenya, that places girls in intermediate schools to allow them to further their education. 
Nancy is the author of the Bella and Britt picture book series, One Pelican at a Time, Sea Turtle Summer, Bella Saves the Beach and Mystery at Manatee Key. All are published by Guardian Angel Publishing. Pelican was nominated for a Global eBook Award and recently was awarded the Literary Classics Seal of Approval. Both books have been on the Amazon bestsellers list and Sea Turtle Summer appears on their Hot New Release and Most Wished for lists.
She was featured in the PBS Tampa (WEDU) series, Gulfwatch.  It concerned the writing of One Pelican at a Time:  A Story of the Gulf Oil Spill. 
She and her family live in St. Louis and Tampa. 
Nancy’s web and blog sites are: 


  1. Thank you so much for this lovely review. You've captured exactly what I wish children and adults will take from it! Much appreciation, and all best wishes for this excellent blog.

  2. Thanks for the great review of Nancy's latest book. The first book in this series, One Pelican at a Time, is an award-winner, so I had high hopes for this book as well. I'm glad you enjoyed this one.

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  3. I love giving great reviews to books who deserve them and this one definitely did!
    Thank you for visiting!!!!!