Friday, November 26, 2010

Jungle Warfare

Title: Jungle Warfare
Author: Christopher A. Cunnigham

Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Available: Now
ISBN: 9781595551474
Source: Publisher
This book is a 22 day devotion aimed at Christians in the sales field. Although I am not in sales as a career choice, I do think that we sell ourselves daily. The author inherited a basic field guide in jungle warfare from his grandfather who served during WW2. The idea is for 22 days take a chapter that includes the field manual battle plan, a verse pertaining to the idea and then a short devotion including a space for your thoughts and prayer. The second section, the field support is like a first aid kit. It answers those questions that many people, not only those in sales, worry about.

The author suggested taking the complete 22 days to read this book. I did not in order to get this review done, but I will be starting over after I finish my current devotion book. It is very simply written in words almost anyone can understand. I didn't find anything earth shattering new to me, but we can always be reminded of the areas in which we fall short and areas to work on. I really like the spaces available for your own thoughts and especially prayer requests. I also liked the 'first aid kit', because it is always good to be reminded of God's message in the times of trouble or need. It was also neat to read the battle plans from the early-mid 1900's.

I think this book would be great for those new in Christ or even those who are looking for a different type of devotion book. Even if you are not in sales there is something there to learn. If you are in sales, then I highly recommend this book to learn how to work without overworking, how to handle the stress and deadlines and other barriers to becoming a successful salesperson. Would also be good for military and history enthusiasts. If you are looking for a guide on increasing yours sales or how to be a top salesperson, this isn't the guide you are looking for.
The author is a lay minister and speaks to sales teams and Christian groups about 'Believing Impossible Beliefs'.
This book gets a 5 out of 7 thumbs up.
I received this book from BookSneeze for review. No other compensation was made and the views expressed are solely mine.

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