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Love Finds You In Liberty, Indiana

Title: Love finds you in Liberty, Indiana

Author: Melanie Dobson
Publisher: Sunnyside Press
Pub. Date: June 2009
ISBN:10: 1934770744
Genre: Inspirational Romance
Received: Purchased

This not your average sweet romance. This is a step into the history books in a way that will teach you something not often taught in school. Liberty, Indiana is a stop on the Underground Railroad. Anna Brent and her father who under the radar, help many runaway slaves traveling toward the freedom in the north. They know they have to be careful, because the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 can cause them serious trouble. Anna, who already had started denouncing slavery under a pen name, comes face to face with an outspoken editor, Daniel Stanton and has to hide her true feelings on the subject of slavery for fear of being found out. The whole town becomes involved in the argument of the day and lines are crossed. Anna needs to trust someone, but who can be trusted in this dangerous era?

What made me smile:

Making me smile actually didn't happen too much in this book. The book was a deep dark look into a very bad part of our history and Ms. Dobson did it justice. Looking toward God and knowing the right path and doing the right thing can sometimes be hard, but Anna took the Lord's promise and laws to heart and followed the best she could. Even if you don't know much about that part of history, this book will fill you in on so many details of the mid 1800's. I learned so much, but was entertained so it never felt like I was in history class. Even though this is a 'romance', I found much more suspense than actual romance. The suspense kept me so interested I finished the book in a day. I had to know what was going on and Ms. Dobson kept throwing surprises in my face left and right.

What I didn't like:
Although I really liked the book it was a little dark for this particular Love Finds You line I thought. The other books I have read in the series have been light hearted stories and this one was so much deeper.

In Summary:
Highly recommend this book, but keep in mind it is a dark, sad romantic tale. I especially encourage those that love history to see this part of our history. Let your teens read this book and learn what our ancestors were made of before the vampire craze came along!

Author Information:

Melanie Dobson is a prolific writer with a number of books on the market and some to come. She's a mom to 2 adopted daughters and has worked with Focus on the Family. She has a degree in journalism and loves to explore back roads and ghost towns. You can find more of Malanie here.

This book gets a 6.5 family thumbs up out of 7!

The reviews expressed are solely mine and I was not paid for a positive endorsement.

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