Friday, November 12, 2010

Ten on the Sled

(Yep, more children's books!)

Title: Ten on the Sled

Author: Kim Norman

Illustrator: Liza Woodruff

Publisher: Sterling

ISBN: 978-1-4027-7076-0

Received from: The Library


A cute backwards counting book that entails a moose, a squirrel, a fox and all sorts of other animals. Along to the tune of "Ten on the Bed", the animals find themselves going on a thrilling sled ride and one by one they all fall off until..... (well, you'll just have to read the book)

What made me smile:

I'll start by mentioning the illustrations. They are adorable! Each animal has it's own personality as they fall off the sled. The story itself, with all of the rhymes is really neat. It goes very quickly and all too soon you are at the end of the book! My favorite line is: "Great Thunder! Duck Under!" A very imaginative take on "Ten on the Bed".

What I didn't like:

Well, except for the fact that the song is now rolling around in my head I found nothing I didn't like!

In Summary:

I would highly recommend this book for some cold weather reading! A great book to snuggle up to and watch the snow outside and just imagine what the animals in your backyard might be doing!

The Author:

Not only is Kim Norman a talented writer, she is also an artist and a storyteller. Her website is full of pictures of her talented self as well as a cute get to know the author by the kids who love her books!

This book gets 7 thumbs up out of 7

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