Monday, November 22, 2010

Big Bouffant

Title: Big Bouffant

Author: Kate Hosford

Illustrator: Holly Clifton-Brown

Publisher: Lerner

ISBN: 97800761354093
Source: NetGalley

Released: 4/1/11

When Annabelle starts school all she sees is ponytails and braids and she wants to be different! She sees a picture of her grandma with a bouffant and that starts a wild ride into an interesting hair tour.

This is a very cute book that will leave you chanting "A bouffant is all I want" and making it rhyme. Okay, so that's all the girls and I could do for days after reading! A word of warning, the scene where Annabelle tries to make her own bouffant could lead many mothers in search of the shampoo, but everything works out. While this won't take the place of your favorite mom and daughter book, it does have a place as a book of laughs. I can't see any boys wanting to read this, although yes even the boys have bouffants! The pictures of bouffants could lead many grandparents and great grandparents in search of their favorite family relative with the amazing bouffant. What a great way to teach your girls a little family history.

There is an underlying moral story here...don't follow the crowd, which many little girls need to learn early so they can develop their own person and not be a copycat!

Just don't get mad at me when your daughter wants to give your son a mullet after reading this book!

This book gets 6 out of 7...the messy scene kind of scared me!

I received this from NetGalley to review for Lerner at no cost for an honest review. All thoughts are mine and I received no other compensation.

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