Saturday, November 13, 2010

The View from Brindley Mountain

Title: The View from Brindley Mountain

author: C. Eugene Scruggs

publisher: BookSurge Publishing

ISBN: 9781439261316

genre: Nonfiction, Memoir

Received: From Author

Imagine taking a trip to a far away land where soda is a nickel and candy is a penny. This book will take you on that trip and teach you so much more.

The narrative starts with the dreams of a young boy when he finds an arrowhead left behind by native Americans in the area. It then goes into detail about how this forested land in Alabama became a town. It spans two decades, the 40's and the 50's and encompasses a world war and the immigration of many displaced German foreigners. It is a story of simpler times but in some ways harder and the growth of a small town and a small boy.

Grab a lemonade and your rocking chair and let Mr. Scruggs take you on a journey to yesteryear. A place where things were slower and people didn't lock their doors. When I first got the book I was a little daunted at the size (over 500 pages), but once I started reading, it was really hard to put down. A good feature of this book was the chapters were chronological for the most part, but you could pretty much just open the book anywhere and find a story. If you grew up in that era, you will find yourself either laughing or be in agony over the memories. If you didn't grow up in that era, like myself, it is still very enjoyable to find out what your parents and grandparents and perhaps even great-grandparents went through in their day to day lives. I did find a few of the chapters repeating a previous thought or scene. However, if you like to just pick up a book and read a chapter or want a book to share with others, the repeating within the chapters actually help. I also loved the addition of different lines of poetry by various authors, including the author himself. It gave yet another picture of the scene that was being set.

If you are in the mood to take a step back, I highly recommend this book. This book is a pretty simple read that even a young child could enjoy a chapter or two and know that things weren't quite the same as they are now.
This book gets 5 thumbs up out of 7
This book was given to me by the author and all opinions in this review are solely mine. I recieved no other comensation.

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  1. Thanks for the review, as I just love to read
    will look this book up.
    Sounds like my kind of book.