Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Katie Woo

Title: Katie W0o (Katie Saves Thanksgiving)

Author: Fran Manushkin

Illustrator: Tammie Lyon

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 9781404763675

Publication Date: Available

Age Group: 5-8

Source: Bloomington Public Library

Katie Woo is a cute 6 year old in the first grade. She has a ton of adventures and in this book, she just so happens to help save Thanksgiving. As in our area, snow is often possible during the season and a power outage isn't out of the question. Katie learns to help others and saves Thanksgiving in the process.

I love these Capstone books. This one is so age appropriate and could be read by a beginning reader with a little help. This is especially great for the young reader who has older siblings and are reading series, they can now have their own series to collect. Like the other Capstone books I have reviewed, this one has discussion questions, a glossary, a recipe and a website to go and meet Katie and her friends online. Katie is a very cute Asian/American and I can't wait to have my daughter read more of these great books! The Thanksgiving book even teaches a bit about the first Thanksgiving before diving into the adventure.

The author lives in New York and writes with the help of her two cats and Katie is a more mischievous version of her great-niece, Katie Woo.

Another 7 out of 7... rush out and get this to share with your little reader for Thanksgiving!

I was given nothing in return for this review. Book provided from local library.

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