Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stumbling Into Grace {review}

Title: Stumbling into Grace
Author: Lisa Harper
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Available: Now
Source: Netgalley

Book Synopsis:
I usually like to write my own synopsis, so you can get another view of the book so to speak. But, in this case...I'm not coming up with adequate words to describe the book so I'll let the publishers speak:

Humorous yet poignant stories from Lisa's life help readers relate to spiritual truths found in the life and ministry of Christ.
Stumbling Into Grace is the diary-devotional of one woman's honest, ongoing, bumbling journey of faith and how she finds encouragement through a deeper understanding of Christ's time on earth. Within each chapter she alternates her often humorous memoir with stirring portraits of Jesus and his own encounters as recorded in the New Testament.
Both intimately relevant and refreshingly inspirational, this book will help readers to jettison the theological misconceptions, guilt, shame, and hypocrisy they struggle with, exchanging them for a vibrant, passionate relationship with Christ that results in a more abundant, joyful life

My Take:
Lisa takes all of our fears and concerns and puts them together with real life stories and relates them to the Biblical stories and truths and a prayer and appropriate scripture to help the reader tackle these issues one by one. She includes the humorous stories along with the poignant ones. She even takes a few Biblical stories and gives them a makeover for the current times. Every chapter has journaling questions to help you along in your spiritual journey. It is written like Ms. Harper is sitting across from you chatting over a cup of coffee. Simple to understand, she quotes many well known authors and theologians to further get the point across. This would be a great small group discussion book to get even more insight out of the content. It can work for individual devotion as long as you can be totally honest with yourself. It did seem to jump quickly from story to truth to scripture at times, but after you get used to the format it is a very easy read.
About the author:
Lisa Harper is a well known speaker and author, currently speaking with Women of Faith tour. She has written nine books, including A New Spin on Hebrews. She can be found on her website where you can check out her extensive speaking calendar and see if she is coming near you soon.
6 out of 7 thumbs up.. read it

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