Monday, August 22, 2011

It's Monday...Must be time for an Author debut Bye for Now {review}

Title: Bye for Now
Author: Kathleen Churchyard
Publisher: Egmont USA
Available: 8/23/11
Source: netgalley

About the Book:

What 11 year old girl (or boy) has not wanted to change places with someone else who is cooler, better looking, better athlete..etc. Robin has a horrible 11th birthday and wishes she was someone else and something amazing happens. She finds herself in England in another 11 year old girls' body named Fiona and then things really start getting weird. After finally contacting herself, who is really a girl from India, she finds that this can only happen when 2 girls wish at the same time and there are more (Wishers) out there. They have to find a way back to their own bodies or do they? Maybe this life is the one they deserve.

My take:
This was a fun read. Great for that age group...first chapter books. The story was a bit confusing as the reader has to figure out who traveled where and who is really who...but once that's down, it's cute. There are a lot of moral points along the road that could have been condensed a bit more, but definitely will help your child think a little about what is good about their own life. The travel to another country was a great idea to engage young readers into other cultures...hey even I learned a little something! (now I'm probably all toady or something) I will probably be getting this for my own ten year old. It seems to be the first in a series called The Wishers, but I haven't seen any blurbs about any future books, but since the book left us with a cliffhanger I know more are coming. Great start for this debut author.

About the Author:
Kathleen Churchyard currently lives in North Carolina but has called many places home over the years, including London (the main focus of the book). She was a screenwriter for Hollywood studios, sorry don't know what she wrote, before she tackled this new area of a young reader author. I can't find any website or blog or FB or twitter or anything about this if you know anything..please let me know!!!

6 out of 7 thumbs! Great chapter book for early reader's (probably 3-5 grades).

Received this from netgalley as a courtesy for a honest review. No other compensation and all thought here are mine!

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