Wednesday, August 10, 2011

American Dream {review}

Title: American Dream

Authors: Colleen Reece, Norma J. Lutz, Susan Martins Miller

Publisher: Barbour Publishing

Available: now

Source: Netgalley

About the book:
Take a step back into history, these four books start in 1620 in Holland and end up in America in 1765. The first book takes the reader on a trip on the Mayflower with Sarah, a 10 year old who is leaving Holland for religious reasons to the new world. The second book features Rebekah, an 11 year old who has to learn about the struggles in the new world and unfortunately about devastating loss. The third book, 12 year old Maggie wants to help a slave girl and finally the fourth book finds Lizzie in trouble for trying to help an injured British soldier.

My take:

I wish they had these sorts of Christian fiction books when I was a pre-teen. These books are a wonderful way to not only enhance your child's sense of history but also to show them more about Christian faith. The books use actual key figures in the telling of the stories and have biographies of those figures at the end and also a time line and glossaries. What a wonderful addition to a home school library, but even a great addition for a child in secular school when they history class glosses over the reasons behind why things were done because that would involve the use of the word GOD! I'd say these were written for the 9-12 year old range, but if you have any reader that loves history..pick up this collection!!! The stories all feature girls this time around, but there are some boys involved so some boys may find it interesting. The stories are wonderfully written and will definitely keep the readers immersed in the book.

7 thumbs up!

This book was given to me by Netgalley for an honest review. I was not compensated in any other way nor did I have to give a positive review.

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