Monday, August 29, 2011


Title: Cherished
Author: Kim Cash Tate
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Available: 8/30/11
Source: NetGalley

About the book:
Our pasts somehow seem to find a way to sneak up on us even if we really try to hide from it. God knows us better and what we need so why do we feel the urge to do it our way? The women (and men for that matter) are no different than we are and have to find their way to forgiveness through God. Kelli London wanted to be a songwriter, but settled for another life, but because of unforeseen things happening she ended up back in her hometown with the one person she thought she would never be in touch with again. But will the pain of the past force them farther apart? Kelli forms a bond with another unlikely stranger, Heather Anderson who is running from her own demons and knows God could never forgive such a sinner as she. With the help of a wise mentor and Kelli, can she learn to love? Can they both learn what it is like to be cherished as no other?

My take:

This is a book full of regrets and past mistakes. There was a lot of meat in this book, not a quick read by any means. It really makes you take a step back and look at your own past failures and see if they are holding you back from becoming closer to God or maybe even identify with one of the characters. The characters could be some of my own friends and family and Ms. Tate makes them come to life through her descriptions. I recently learned that her first book, "Faithful" has the love story of some of the minor characters in this book. Guess I'll have to pick it up! This is a Christian fiction story with a romance, but romance is not the focus, it is much more in depth than a simple love story. There are some choices made that seem a bit weird, but the author does a wonderful weaving of all storylines that it makes sense. I really enjoyed this book while on the beach in MI this summer and encourage you to pick it up and get involved in the lives of these lively friends!

6 out of 7 thumbs up...

I was given a copy of this book by the publisher through NetGalley. No other compensation was given in exchange for a review. All thoughts are mine!

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