Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Title: A World Apart
Author: Camelia Miron Skiba
Publisher: Create Space
Source: Author
Available: Now
Pages: 370

I have previously featured this book on my blog and was pleased to have Camelia come back and answer some questions about the book.  I hope you all learn a little more about the book and the author!  Click Good Family Reads to read my review and a snippet from the book!

1. Tell us something about A World Apart that didn't make the cut.
The first draft contained the beginning and the end, with nothing in between. Robert, a secondary character was set to die and he was okay with this at first. Then the fighting began. He just wanted to live, go figure. Leave alone the fact that I had to redo about ten chapters—he just didn’t care. To make things even worse, Cassandra and David teamed up with him and they went AWOL—until I changed my mind. For Pete’s sake, I rescued David from an ambush in Iraq, and that was the reward? Silence? I remember sweating bullets to continue the story. I tried to negotiate their return for about a month (ice cream, cookies, wine, you name it) but to no avail. In the end, I agreed to make the changes and magically they returned. I wrote 5 chapters in one week (and had probably a few hours of sleep, but so worth it).

I love hearing about the process so many writers go through to hear the characters!  I'm glad things worked out they way they did though!

2. Where do you usually do your writing:
Complete silence in the guest room: lavender and cream walls, desk set in a corner, a large Queen palm knocking on my window...

mmm...guest room?  I'm game!

3. Sweet or Salty snacks?

4. What is your favorite childhood books?
Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas. Winnetou and Old Shatterland by Karl May.

Never read Old Shatterland...maybe I should check it out!

5. What is the most surprising thing you found out during your writing/publishing journey?
That self-publishing is not as hard as some may think.

I think that seems to be the wave of now!!

6. Do you have anything in the works that you can share?
I’m working now on a novel I plan to release in December. It’s Chiara’s story, Tessa’s sister from my debut novel Hidden Heart. She's actually dark and distrustful, unlike any other characters I’ve dealt before with. She’s quiet, sitting in an obscure corner, knees pulled to her chest and NOT saying a dang word. Not going anywhere, not letting anyone coming closer. Such a troubled heroine scares me since I thought I could handle whoever comes into my head (unless they are zombies, then I’d be screwed). Can't lure her with cookies or ice cream, can't make her talk, but she claims full residency in my brain.

Ooh...well good luck...she sounds like she maybe trouble but totally worth it!

7. Anything about A World Apart you would like to share?
My son picked the name "Checkpoint" after I shared the story with him. I liked it and went with it until one night, returning from a Yanni concert and overdosed in all the good feelings and emotions his music awoke in me, the words hit me so hard, I gasped for air, screaming, "I found it! A World Apart. This is the title!" 

How cool!  I'm like that title too!

Thank you so much for visiting us today!  Good luck with this book and all that is yet to come!!


  1. Jaques,

    Thank you so very much for being an incredible host. Allowing me to stop two days at your blog it's an honor and pleasure at the same time.
    Looking forward to staying in touch.

  2. Great interview!! I love this book too!!

  3. Thx for coming by!! I love author interviews...I learn so much about the craft and the writer!

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