Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Title: Emerald City
Author: Alicia K. Leppert
Publisher:  SweetWater Books
Available:n April 10, 2012
Source:  Cedar Fort
Pages: 320

About the Book:
Olivia Tate is a broken shell of a girl haunted by the tragic events that fill her past. She has closed herself off from the world, each day grasping at something—anything—to live for. Convinced there will never be a way out, she seeks solace in the depths of her medicine cabinet. When she wakes up days later in the hospital she is introduced to Jude, the quiet stranger responsible for saving her life. She never could have guessed then that her mysterious rescuer would end up saving her life a second time, while simultaneously turning her world upside down.

My Take:
Wow...another great debut novel.  It's a great love story that dives into some really deep subjects along the way.  While I can't tell you certain things about the book because I think you should really read this to get the full effect of the story...I will say that that this may be one of the best 2012 debuts I've read this year so far!  Written so the pages keep flying and you can't put it down.  Now...before you say...romance isn't for me...this is so much more than a romance...there is a little mystery...umm...sorry...can't say much more...  that most readers will find very intriguing!  I highly suggest you pick this up....  well...4/10/12!
But don't take my word for it...here's the link to other stops along the way!  Cedar Fort

About the Author:


  1. Hi, great review! Just a note though that you posted about someone else, not the author! Alicia K. Leppert is the author, not Laura.

  2. Thanks so much for the awesome review! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for being on my tour, too!

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