Thursday, February 16, 2012


Title: Shadow Warrior
Author:  Courtney Rene
Publisher:  Rogue Phoenix Press
Source:  Author
Available:  now
Series:  Shadow Dancer (BK 2)

About the Book:

Sunny finally makes her first jump over to the Kingdom of Acadia that is on the other side of the shadows, for what she hopes is a vacation.  Only her vacation turns into quite an unwanted adventure.  Aside from new and unexpected issues regarding her relationship with Leif, Sunny meets the rebel group, makes new friends, fights with controlling her powers, and finds herself neck deep within a county that is torn apart by two sides, each fighting for power.  Acadia is not quite what she imagined.  How is she, one young girl, suppose to unite the Kingdom as well as unseat a King to take her place as ruler of Acadia.  

My Take:
I love fun fantasy....this is a great continuation of the first story and lets the reader believe in the unknown. It is a fun and pretty quick read...perfect for winding down a hectic overloaded day by escaping into another world. I love how Courtney was able to leave us filling satisfied...yet still wanting more! I also really appreciated the view she painted of made the book more enjoyable to know where I was. Can't wait for book 3!

About the Author:

Courtney Rene lives in Ohio with her husband and two children.  She is a graduate and member of the Institute of Children’s Literature.  Her writings include magazine articles, short fiction stories, several anthologies, and her Shadow Dancer series, published through Rogue Phoenix Press.  For a complete listing, visit www.ctnyrene.blogspot com.  Please feel free to contact her at  
For more ways to keep in touch....!/Ctnyrene!/ctnyrene

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Again, I felt more energy slip inside me as I tried desperately to hold on and stay up on Poppy. I lost my battle for balance and flailed myself right off of the horse.

As I fell to the ground, someone grabbed my arm and tried to jerk me onto their lap. A burst of energy lashed out of me and directly into him. I didn't know who he was. Was he from my group or the other?

Our screams, both of shear pain, echoed around us. As he let go of my arm, the energy got the better of me and took control. In a show of bright white light, it pulsed out of me. It encircled me and took everything in its path down. Horses and men alike were thrown into the air, where they hung for but a moment before they crashed back down to the ground.

I dropped down to my knees and began to cry. The battle hadn't lasted very long. Not with me in it anyway. I had taken out everyone.

Gabriel was the first to rouse. He sat up and shook his head before he got to his feet. I jumped to my feet and ran over to him. I just about tossed myself on the poor guy. "I'm so sorry, Gabriel. I didn't mean to."

He gave me a quick once over and then pointed at my face and said, "You're bleeding."

I lifted my hand to my face and sure enough, my nose was bleeding. "It's fine," I said with a quick shake of my head. "Are you all right?"


  1. Wow, makes me want to know more.
    Great excerpt, and review.

  2. Great excerpt. This make me want read it. Must check it out this book.