Thursday, November 1, 2018

Title: Worth the Risk
Author: Zara Cox
Publisher: Harlequin Dare
Available: Nov 1st
Rating: 4 stars (goodreads)
Spice:  HOT
Source:  Netgalley
With a multibillion-dollar deal on the line, billionaire playboy Gideon Mortimer can’t afford another tabloid scandal. He’s committed to a chastity contract, but being on the same yacht as Leonie Branson—temptation personified—is pure, unadulterated torture. Relinquishing control of their thrilling sexual chemistry to tenacious Leonie feels tantalizingly worth the risk—to his reputation and his well-protected heart.
Who doesn't want to be rich and have it all?  But is it worth the risk?  A hot story with steaming hot sexual content with a big boat and lots of money.  Not being able to touch and find their way into each others....well...each other... threw a fun aspect in the story.  The big story is finding your way to forgiveness from a difficult past and putting it where it belongs so one can focus on the future.  Always a good trope for me!  Great story and great writing made this book fly by and I do suggest it if you are looking for a little steam this time of year!
Thank you to Net Galley and publisher for the read!

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