Friday, September 16, 2011

Non-fiction Review {Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD}

Title:  Wheat Belly,
          Lose the Weight, Lose the Wheat, and Find your Path Back
Author:  William Davis, MD
Publisher: Rodale
Available:  Now
Source:  NetGalley

Parental Guidance Rating:  G

About the Book:
Although I usually like to blurb the book my own way to give readers a different view from the promotional blurbs, I thought with this book I would give you the publisher's take so I don't forget anything.

Every day, over 200 million Americans consume food products made of wheat. As a result, over 100 million of them experience some form of adverse health effect, ranging from minor rashes and high blood sugar to the unattractive stomach bulges that preventive cardiologist William Davis calls "wheat bellies." According to Davis, that excess fat has nothing to do with gluttony, sloth, or too much butter: it's due to the whole grain wraps we eat for lunch.
After witnessing over 2,000 patients regain their health after giving up wheat, Davis reached the disturbing conclusion that wheat is the single largest contributor to the nationwide obesity epidemic─and its elimination is key to dramatic weight loss and optimal health. In Wheat Belly, Davis exposes the harmful effects of what is actually a product of genetic tinkering and agribusiness being sold to the American public as "wheat"─and provides readers with a user-friendly, step-by-step plan to navigate a new, wheat-free lifestyle.
Informed by cutting-edge science and nutrition, along with case studies from men and women who have experienced life-changing transformations in their health after waving goodbye to wheat, Wheat Belly is an illuminating look at what is truly making Americans sick and an action plan to clear our plates of this seemingly benign ingredient.

My Take:
This is an extreme eye opener for those of us who consume wheat and its' products, which is a lot of us. This book is very easy to read and follow and comes with a lot of different recipes to help the carb addict overcome their dependency on wheat. I really liked how Dr. Davis talked to his readers through the book as intelligent human beings and not dumb monkeys who can't understand anything. He also didn't go too far the other way and talk way over his readers' heads. I did try to eliminate all wheat for awhile after reading this book, but I'm a horrific carbaholic and I really missed my bread. I didn't get a chance to test the recipes before the time on my review copy ran out, but I think I am going to try again after I locate a hard copy of this book. I was really surprised that he didn't even touch the subject of sugar to any degree, but most of the recipes were not laden with the fine white stuff. If you are really looking to change your eating habits, pick this up. If you like carbs, yes even the whole wheat breads and bagels and cereals, this book will probably not be for you unless you would like just a little more information on wheat through the years. (there are a few case studies that he used in the book that have had some harsh criticism associated with them, so make sure you come to your own informed opinions after your own research)

About the author:

Dr. Davis is a cardiologist in Wisconsin who treats many patients with this elimination of wheat products from their diets. He has had much success in his patients with this lifestyle change. 
I was given this book by the publisher in exchange for a review.  No other compensation was given and all thoughts are mine alone.

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