Monday, September 19, 2011

Must be Author Debut Monday {How do you Hug a Porcupine by Laurie Isop}

Title:  How do you Hug a Porcupine
Author:  Laurie Isop
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Available:  Now
Source:  The Library

About the Book:
Laurie Isop was the winner of the Cheerio new author contest and now is writing many other children's books.  One boy is on a quest to learn how to hug his porcupine when he sees all other animals being hugged in all sorts of ways.  Written in a fun and lyrical prose it is a book that is begging to be read over and over.  The pictures are so cute with very simple watercolor drawings. 

My take:
I love this book!  It is another version of "everybody has problems, but we all deserve love.  It has some creative ways to hug various animals and will add to a child's vocabulary in a fun way.   It will be a great read for those bedtime stories or for those who are just starting to read.  I will be adding this to my niece and nephew's Christmas presents!  I would talk more about the book, but well...don't want to give away the ending! 

7 out of 7 thumbs up!

Got it from the compensation given for this honest review!

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