Saturday, January 8, 2011

When Turtles Fly

Title: How Turtles Fly
Author: Nikki Stone
Publisher: Morgan James Publisher
Available: now
Genre: Non-fiction
Source: publisher

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to get rich or win the game or even get that gold medal? Do you wonder how those that have tread those waters before you managed to prosper? Nikki Stone, former Olympian, takes those questions and so many more and answers them with analogy of a turtle. Things like sticking your neck out, relying on your hard outer shell is the section headings that leads to the many interviews from those who have found success. People like Tommy Hilfiger, Shaun White, Dr. Stephen Covey and so many more share their ambitions and the dreams they had to make it happen.

This is a large book, not only in page numbers but in the sheer volume of knowledge on every page. Ms. Stone kept me captivated as I read the path to greatness or victory through small baby steps. Each step is highlighted by various successful people and their steps to stardom. Some of those excerpts made tears spring to my eyes.

This book is more than a how to overcome mental, physical and emotional hurdles. It dives straight into the heart of the matter. If you are looking for a book to motivate a struggling student, I would pick this one up quickly (but don't get mad at me when they want 150 dollars to start selling jeans). It's a very easy read, it can be read in sections or even just picking out one success story at a time. The turtle analogy ties everything together though, so I would encourage you to read the beginning and to learn more about Nikki Stone, her path to the Olympics and then from the fight of cancer and back to the Olympics.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will be adding it to my permanent bookshelf to refer to time and time again.

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