Friday, January 7, 2011


Title: Tandem
Author: Tracey Bateman
Format: Trade Paperback
Available: Now
ISBN: 9780307457172
Categories: Fiction - Christian - Suspense
Source: Blogging For Books

Lauren, an antiques expert, was starting a big job that would help save her business and becomes involved in something she isn't sure she can believe. The whole town soon learns of cover ups that involve mutilated carcasses and other evidence that reminds them of another time. Amede, a visitor brought to the town because of a letter sent by Lauren soon adds more mystery to the small town. Can the two of them solve the mystery before more deaths happen?

There were a lot of storylines to keep track of with this book. Not always a bad thing, but at times I had trouble keeping track of which story line I was reading. I did like the alternative explanation to vampires, especially hard to do in this time of all the paranormal books out there. Not a lot of spirituality in this book, it is classified as Christian fiction, but the Christian thoughts are few and far between.

I did learn this was the second in a series. I did not know that before, but a reader really doesn't need to read the first one to understand this book. It would definitely fill in a few blanks at the beginning of the book, but the author tied everything up at the end so her readers knew what had happened before.

I liked this book, and would recommend it for those with a science fiction appetite. While there is some romance the main focus of the book is definitely the mystery. If you are looking for a simple story, I would hesitate to suggest this, because there is a lot of shifting point of views that aren't even all explained until much later in the book, but for a challenge this winter, pick it might like what you read.

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